We’ve worked with Eagle Xpress for several years now. We ship high value, sensitive pieces of equipment door to door all over the world. We ship everything from smaller boxes to larger generators. Chris and his team have arranged and managed air, land and sea shipments for us. Our international deliveries almost always involve cranes, forklifts and more. All of this is expertly handled by Eagle Xpress regardless of location. More importantly, managing and preparing all the required documentation for customs officials and local government agencies in other countries is a critical and time-consuming process. Having all the documents properly prepared and in place is critical for timely delivery. Never had we had a clearance delay for any reason caused by us or Eagle. We are always confident when Eagle Xpress is handling our shipments. Chris and his team are true partners in our business. They go above and beyond, are always available and never fail to deliver as promised.
Jamaica Coffee Products LLC has been a loyal client of Eagle Xpress Shipping & Warehousing for over 10 years. Eagle Xpress has always provided us with superior, reliable and timely service for our shipping needs in the USA and other parts of the world. Their team led by Chris Kennedy is trustworthy and reliable and we have enjoyed a good working relationship over the many years. As we grow our export business we look nowhere else than to Eagle Xpress Shipping & Warehousing to handle all our warehousing, storage, logistics and shipping needs. We look forward to doing business with them for years to come!
We started business fourteen years ago. As importers, it was important to us, to partner with companies who shared the same values and would offer reliable service guided by integrity. Our ideal custom broker would also be required to provide a safe and timely delivery of our goods, from the port to our facility. Eagle & Whale, headed by Christopher Kennedy, has been the ideal partner. The entire team at Eagle & Whale, continues to be a very crucial part of what we do. It is not just business for us but a relationship. Eagle and Whale will get the job done……. efficiently and professionally!
Eagle & Whale is our exclusive agent since decades to handle our air- and Seafreight shipments, which need immediate onboard deliveries in Kingston/Jamaica or landings from vessels. In situations which demand the earliest delivery times, Eagle & Whale provided the best possible solutions to ensure the on-time on board delivery of urgently needed marine spare parts .
Since working with Eagle & Whale, we have experienced premium customer service not always associated with this industry. Whenever we have had to deal with emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, they have gone above and beyond the scope of their duties to ensure our satisfaction. Fortunately, they are so organized that such situations have been few and far between. With their freight forwarding and consolidation service, importing is now zero headaches. Mr. Kennedy leads a service-oriented team…. And Nordia is special, Sometimes I feel like Image One is their only client…